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Our Breeds 

Ayam Cemanis 

We do NOT offer hatching eggs for our Ayam Cemanis. My line of Ayam Cemanis are a big passion on our farm. They are a very special breed, we take breeding them properly very seriously. I am a dedicated member of the ACBA. Our breeders come from the best genetic lines available in the United States and we work our best to try to achieve the best! always a work in progress. Email to join waitlist #Fibroforce 



Need to separate pens for spring. Hatching eggs available soon. 

Black Copper Marans

$90.00 doz 

plus shipping

Olive Eggers



$75.00 doz

plus shipping


White & Splash

Beautiful, Fluffy and Friendly.
$75.00 doz

plus shipping


My line of Seramas come in a combination of colors. All my Seramas are between 8-11oz. 

$75.00 doz

plus shipping

$65.00 Plus Shipping 12+

Rainbow layer Dozen

The rainbow layer dozen is perfect for the new or experienced chicken hatcher. A lovely combination of genetics from our layer pen to create a beautiful basket of layers in a variety of colors.,