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Basic Chick Care

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Basic chick care

June 15, 2020

Pre-chick setup

Getting baby chicks is exciting and sometimes spontaneous. I do urge everyone to setup a proper brooder space before the arrival of your new chicks. Setting up brooder spaces before hand ensures a properly functioning brooder space.  


Essential items:

Brooder Plate
Chick Feeder 

Chick waterer 

Puppy pads

Pelleted Bedding

Poultry vitamin/probio 

Recommended manufactures 


RENT A COOP  Heater plates and watering devices.


Pop up dog play pen/s makes for wonderful in home brooders and the mesh helps keep poultry dust inside pen and out of your lungs. Always have chicks in a separate bathroom or a space larger than 2000sf if brooding inside with people. Clean and prevent dust as its harmful to inhale.

Brooding tips  

Place brooder plates at an angle and check to make sure they are not too low or high. As chicks age the plate will need to be raised.  

Bantam or smaller chicks (quail) may need crumbles ground finer to be able to   consume. A light amount of sand can be added to fine ground chick feed to treat  for loose stools. 


  • Freed scrambled eggs once a day for the first week + to make for strong healthy chicks. 

  • Medicated chick feed is not necessary with proper sanitation practices. 

  • Only purchase chicks vaccinated for Mereks. 


  • Keep waterers and feeders clean and full at all times. 


  • Have a separate brooder and initial living area for new chicks as they build their       immune system. 


  • Keep brooders away from drafty windows and cold night temps. 


  • Have a low light in brooder space for chicks that may wander off from brooder heater plate at night.