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A-line Sold out for 2020 season

Black Copper Marans

A-line 7-8's 

Clubs color card colors. 

We breed for egg color. We only ever hatch 8+'s.  

All Our BCM are calm, charming, regal and friendly birds. 

B-line 4-6's

Clubs color card colors. 


Hatching eggs 

~ $8.00 Single Egg ~

~ $80.00 Dozen ~

 ~ $45.00 Half Dozen ~ 

~Chicks $35 each straight Run~


After many request and ideas I’ve decided to offer THIS YEAR ONLY 2020 a B-line Black Copper Marans line. The Egg colors are 4-6’s. The eggs are from my pure bred lighter laying black copper marans. whom are crossed with a dark gene rooster. They are more affordable and a perfect chocolate addition to any beautiful basket.